CHAN Gordon, Partner

Mr. Chan was qualified as a Hong Kong solicitor on March 6, 1982.
On November 9, 1994, he was qualified as a lawyer in Singapore.
On June 6, 1995, he was appointed as a China Appointed Attesting officer.
On June 5, 1996, he was admitted to the rolls of solicitors in the United Kingdom.
In 1984, Mr. Chan became a partner of NG, LIE, LAI & CHAN and jointed our firm as a partner in 1990.

Mr. Chan is expert at handling various diversified types of legal affairs. It includes commercial activities: the sale of the shareholders' equity documents of listed banks and commercial activities in the region of hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars, probates and succession, conveyancing, civil and criminal litigations.

LEUNG Ho Yin, Alexander, Partner

Mr. Leung has qualified as legal practitioner in Australia and Hong Kong. He has also qualified as a CPA in Australia. He is also the managing partner of H.Y. Leung & Co. LLP, Solicitors. He has more than 15 years of experience in legal field. Besides, he concerned about social development and public welfare. He also has held leadership positions for a variety of public service organizations.

TSE Sau Man, Consultant

Mr. Tse was qualified as a Hong Kong solicitor in 1995 and handled civil and criminal matters, property transfers, estates and family cases. He was also appointed as Lawyer of PRC (Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area) in 2022.

LAU Fat Keung, Michael, Consultant

Mr. Lau was qualified as a Hong Kong solicitor in 1996 and has worked in various banks handling commercial cases and compliance matters.

SO Wai Kwan, Assistant Solicitor

Ms. So was qualified as a Hong Kong solicitor in 2021 and handles civil litigations.